weight loss home remedies | Weight loss tips | 10 reasons why weight sits suddenly | Daily health tips

weight loss home remedies | Weight loss tips | 10 reasons why weight sits suddenly | Daily health tips |

weight loss home remedies | Weight loss tips | 10 reasons why weight sits suddenly | Daily health tips |

          weight loss home remedies

weight loss home remedies
Nowadays, the problem of weight gain has become very common. Everyone suffers from this problem so why not control weight gain with the help of easy home remedies? These tips are completely safe and regular use will definitely reduce your weight. weight loss home remedies.

Weight loss tips : weight loss home remedies

There are many things around us that can help you lose weight easily. But because you don't know, you don't use them. We will tell you about the same things in the home today that can help in weight loss.

Honey and  lemon for loosing weight - 

Mixing lemon and honey together reduces weight. Add honey, lemon juice and pepper powder in a glass of light warm water and mix well. Take this mixture on an empty stomach every morning. This will help in losing weight.

Green Tea for loosing weight

Green tea is a very good antioxidant that reduces fat. If you take it every day, you can see a weight loss. Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center admitted that green tea contains special types of polyphenols that help burn fats in the body.

bottle gourd for loosing weight

Water and fibres are found in sufficient quantities in the bottle gourd. You can take it in any way in a vegetable or juice. 100 grams of bottle g bottle g juice contains only 12 calories. Incorporating it in your morning snack will reduce weight and also gloss your skin.

apple vinegar for loosing weight

With the help of apple vinegar, you can easily lose weight. Mix it with water and take it every morning. As the blood sugar is controlled from the vinegar, it helps in losing weight as insulin will not accumulate free sugar as fat.

parsley for loosing weight

Parsley is known for cleaning the kidneys. It keeps you healthy by removing the wastes in the kidneys. It also helps in the stomach problems and does not allow long-time hunger to cause weight gain.

Carissa carandas for loosing weight

Karonda is a very good source of vitamin C as well as a good antioxidant. Karonde juice is also very beneficial in weight loss. This helps in curing the body's metabolism and makes it easier to reduce fats.

Cabbage for loosing weight

Cabbage is a special vegetable but it can also reduce weight. A cup of cooked cabbage contains only 33 calories which does not allow weight gain. Cabbage soup gives energy to the body but reduces the amount of fat.

chilly for loosing weight

Red pepper helps to keep your weight balanced. According to a research, adding red chilli powder to the food speeds up your metabolism process and burns unwanted calories from the body after meals and reduces obesity.

Yoga for loosing weight

The practice of weight loss through yoga is very old. This is the best way to lose weight. This leads to exercise in every part of the body, which does not accumulate fat. If you want to remove fat from a particular part of the body, you can also do yoga for it.

Fennel for loosing weight

This is an effective herbal recipe for weight loss. Drink a cup of fennel tea fifteen minutes before taking heavy meals. It will control your hunger. It is also beneficial for stomach ailments.

plum leaves for loosing weight

Swell the plum leaves in water overnight. Drain the black belly soaked leaves in the morning and drink it. Do this prescription for up to a month and you can definitely see a decrease in your weight gain.

Drink plenty of water for loosing weight

Drinking eight to nine glasses of water a day also helps to reduce weight. Many researches have believed that you can burn 200 to 250 calories a day with eight to nine glasses of water.

curd for loosing weight

Eating curds can also lead to weight loss. According to the International Journal of Obesity, the weight of high-rise yoghurt eaters decreases or decreases sharply. Calcium and protein in curds help in reducing fat, but curds either toned milk then scream milk.

tomato for loosing weight

Tomatoes are very high in beta-carotene and icoine. Tomatoes will be beneficial even if you are thinking of losing weight. It is high in fibre and low in calories, which helps in weight loss. Beta carotene is also very beneficial for the body.

cucumber for loosing weight

Eat cucumber whenever you are hungry because it contains 96 per cent water and fibre, which is without calories, and it will not increase your weight. If you prepare and eat cucumber salads, it will be reduced to about 2 kg in 3 days.

Carrot for loosing weight

Carrot intake is beneficial for reducing the fat accumulated on the body. Drinking carrot juice in the morning is considered good for health. You can also use carrots in salads or vegetables.  This will definitely reduce the fat accumulated on the body.

peach tree and fruit for loosing weight

If you are on diet, you can take peach every day. The amount of calories in peaches is very low, so you will not gain weight even if you consume more. A peach contains 68 calories.

papaya for loosing weight

If you want to lose weight early, take an empty stomach papaya regularly in the morning. After that, check your weight and there will definitely be a deficiency. It contains an element called pepsin. Which helps to digest food. Daily intake of papaya enhances the digestive power.

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Ragi contains adequate amounts of iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and B2. It controls your appetite. Eating the items made from it does not give you a feeling of hunger for a long time and also maintains health. Ragi has a lot of fibre and is also helpful in fighting bad cells.

weight loss home remedies: Consider these 10 reasons why weight sits suddenly

If the weight is losing without any special effort, it is very important to know the reason. A doctor should see immediately if 5% of the body weight is a sign of danger at 6 weeks without any effort.


Diabetes is a metabolic problem in which your body increases the level of bred sugar. There can be two reasons for this, either because your body is not producing insulin or your body is unable to react to insulin, or both of them can be used.


Thyroid gland hormones produce thyroidthats that control the body's metabolism. For example, your heartbeat, how quickly you burn calories and digestion. They also control calcium levels in the body. When thyroid glands produce too much thyroid, that condition is called hyperthyroidism.


TB is known by many names such as tuberculosis, tuberculosis and tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium called mycobacterium tuberalosis. The disease can also affect the kidneys, spinal cord or brain.


Cancer leads to the growth of abnormal cells in any part of the body. Cancer can start from the skin or cells and then spread anywhere in the body. When cancer is in the brain and spinal cord, it is called central nervous system cancer. The symptoms of each type of cancer may be different but there are some symptoms that are common.

Liver disease

The liver is used to correct digestion by taking out toxic substances from the body. This process is first interrupted by the messing up of this organ. Therefore, the catering of the person is most affected in liver related diseases.


People who are intoxicated are suddenly experiencing weight loss. It is often observed that people with mental disorders related to reluctance to eat anorexia or bullimia resort to cigarettes to suppress hunger. Some other drug addicts forget to eat for several hours.


HIV is a virus like other viruses, just a big difference is that when other viruses eliminate our immune system, this virus cannot be eliminated. Rather, these viruses destroy our immune system. Initially, the symptoms of HIV infection are not well known, but when aids move, symptoms such as fever, sore throat, muscle pain, swelling of lymph nods, fatigue are visible. Weight loss suddenly and respiratory problems may also occur.


Depressed person feels sadness, discomfort, anxiety or irritability for several days. It also has more or less sleep, a problem of focus, negative thoughts, a feeling of disappointment, a feeling of helplessness, irritability, reluctance to eat. This suddenly leads to a loss of weight.

Lung diseases

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a group of lung diseases that have difficulty breathing. Inflammation in the tube bronchow that leads to the lungs does not cause air. This causes damage to the lungs. The disease also leads to sudden loss of weight.


Edisons Disease is a hormonal detergent in which adrenal glands produce insufficient amounts of hormones. Especially cortisol and aldosterone in some cases. It can be both men and women of all ages. The effect can also lead to sudden weight loss.

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