Stay in Tension Too Cool, So Do Everyday Captive Padmasan |Stay healthy | Daily health tips.

Stay in Tension Too Cool, So Do Everyday Captive Padmasan |Stay healthy | Daily health tips.

Stay in Tension Too Cool - For a better start of the day, it is important to forget the tension of the previous day. Only then will you be ready for new challenges and performance. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, you can take the help of Yogasana (Lock lotus pose benefits). These problems may be faced when they are over-working or over-important. If you are also troubled by mental instability, captive Padmason can help you. Padmasana helps you to cool by removing your tension. If you are also troubled by mental instability, the bound Padmason can help you.

What is the bound Padmasan?

Bound Padmasan is a Sanskrit word in which 'bound' means 'bound or closed' and 'Padma' means 'kamal flower' and "asanas" which means "currency". The bound Padmasan is also known as the "Lock Lotus Pose" in English, as your body gets a closed lotus in this posture. Captive Padmasana is a meditation that maintains physical and mental stability.

bound padmasana method

To do this, first you sit on the floor in a Padmason or lotus pose, so you can put your right foot on the left thigh and the left leg on the right thigh, this is a classical cross-legged Lotus pose.

Then move your two hands backwards, holding your thumbs in the opposite position i.e. holding the left toe with your right hand and holding the right toe with the left hand.

Most people have difficulty holding the toe for the first time, so they can practice with half the Padmasan Bound (Half Lotus) for a month.

Place your spine and head in a straight line in the bound edaturation.

You can also keep your eyes closed or open.

You try to stay in this pose for at least 30 seconds or more until you can stay.

Keep your breath normal.

Then you leave your hands, open the lock of the foot, and slowly get into your initial position.

Benefits of this posture

The bound Padmasana enhances our mental and physical stability, which keeps the mind calm and experiences peace of mind. This posture creates a certain flow of streams flowing towards our brain that keep our mind calm, the bound Padmasan Yoga makes our mind fit to practice meditation high.

Take these precautions 

Do not practice this posture if you have knee pain or have recently undergone knee surgery.

The bound Padmasan should not be done by those who are suffering from back pain and shoulder pain.

Do not use this currency if you have sprained feet.

Pregnant women should not be bound by Padmasana.

Practice and perform all kinds of postures in front of the yoga teacher.

Stay healthy and when time is short, follow these points -

Drink two to four times a day by mixing a teaspoon of honey with water. This keeps the blood pressure under control.

A lemon squeezed into a glass of water and drinking an empty stomach in the morning keeps the eye light right.

Add coconut water, raw milk, cucumbers and lemon juice and sandalwood powder to enhance the sun-burned skin before taking a bath.

Apply olive oil on your nails daily and massage lightly. This will make your hands look clean and beautiful.

Mash the ripe banana and apply it on your face. After half an hour, wash off with cold water.

To remove smallpox or pimple stains, mix 2 powdered almonds, 2 teaspoons of milk and 1 tablespoon of orange peel and mix well.

Apply beet root juice on your lips daily and clean the lips with cold water after half an hour.

No soft and extra protein-rich shampoo should be used for rough hair.

Use neem oil to prevent hair loss and to make it dense.

Use better antibacterial soap while taking a bath.

Do not forget to comb the wet hair and use a thick tooth comb to solve the hair.

Apply sunscreen cream before going out. Mix rose water in neem pack and apply it on your face. Wash when dried.

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