Natural Health tips|Natural Health tips in hindi|Daily health tips| Health tips....|Natural tips

Natural Health tips|Natural Health tips in hindi

Natural Health tips|Natural Health tips in hindi|Daily health tips| Health tips....|Natural tips

In the Natural Health Tips (Natural Health Tips) there are some simple tips in yogic science that are best for health and health. For example, using copper utensils to fast, rise and sit, and keep watering... We read in this blog about hidden science behind a few such methods. Living a healthy life is an art – today's part-running life doesn't get enough time so that we can look good , but you can also live a happy and healthy life by incorporating the routines mentioned here.(Natural Health tips).

1. Drink copper pot water for healthy life

Medical Science is taking a keen interest in the bacterial-destructive properties of copper. There have been many experiments in the last few years and scientists have discovered that water has its own memory – it remembers everything it touches. Because of our memory of water, we pay attention to how to keep it in a utensil.If you keep water in a copper pot overnight or for at least four hours, it absorbs some more info copper properties(Natural Health tips)Drink water from a copper pot. This water is especially good for your liver and generally for your health and strength. If the water pumps at a very fast and reaches your home with the help of iron or plastic pipes, it is very flawed by the rubbing of all these curves. But water has the power to get back to its original form along with the memory. If you keep this tap water unmoved for an hour, the fault is automatically eliminated.(Natural Health tips)

2. Don't sleep, relax the body.(Natural Health tips)

It depends on your lifestyle, but the importance is how many hours of sleep you need. It is often said that eight hours of sleep should be taken a day. What your body needs is not sleep, it is rest.(Natural Health tips) If you relax your body all day, if your work, your exercise is like a rest for you, your sleep hours will automatically decrease. People want to stress everything. I have seen people sit under stress even while walking  in the park. Now this kind of exercise will do you harm rather than benefit, because you are taking everything as if you are fighting a war. Why don't you walk with comfort? Whether jogging or jogging, why not do it with all the fun and comfort?
So the question revolves around how much sleep does my body need? It depends on what kind of physical exertion you do. You don't need to fix the amount of food nor sleep hours. I have to take so much calories, I have to sleep for so many hours, all these are useless things to live. If the level of physical exertion you are doing today is low, you eat less. Tomorrow, if you have more work to do, eat more. Same is the case with sleep. At the time your body is relaxed, it will rise, whether at 3 o'clock in the morning or 8 in the morning. Your body should not wake up when alarm bells ring. Once the body rests, it should be awakened on its own(Natural Health tips).

3. Fast once a week.(Natural Health tips)

You have a thing called the Mandal associated with the natural chakra of the body. Mandal means that every 40 to 48 days the body passes through a particular cycle(Natural Health tips).
There are three days in each cycle in which your body does not need food. If you are aware of your body, you will feel yourself that the body does not need food these days. You can stay comfortable without food on any one of these days.
In 11 to 14 days, there is a day when you will not feel like eating anything. You should not eat that day. You will be surprised to know that dogs and cats also have such awareness. Never take a look, they never eat anything on a particular day. In fact, they are fully aware of their systems. The day the system says that food is not needed today, it becomes a day for them to clean the body and they do not eat anything on that day. Now you don't have enough awareness to recognize those special days. What to do then! Just to solve the problem, Ekadashi's day was fixed. Hindi months, Ekadashi comes once every 14 days. This means that you can stay without eating every 14 days. If you can't eat without eating anything or your work is something that doesn't make you hungry and you don't have the spiritual practice you need to starve, you can take fruit. On the whole, it's just to become aware of your system.(Natural Health tips)
One more thing, if you are accustomed to drinking tea and coffee again and again and try to fast, you will have a lot of trouble. There is only one solution to this problem. If you want to fast, first improve your eating habits. First make it a habit to eat the right kind of food, then think of fasting. If you try to force your desire to eat, it will harm your body. Here is one more thing that is very important not to be forced under any circumstances.(Natural Health tips)

 4 . Live life by joining the five elements -(Natural Health tips)

We were telling some people that there is a yogic hospital in our yoga centre, so some doctors from America wanted to see it and they came to us. They were here for a week and after a week they were very angry with me. I said, "Why, what did I do? They were talking the same thing all around: "It's all nonsense! Sadhguru said, "Here is a yogic hospital! Where is Yogic Hospital? We don't see any beds, we don't see anything." Then I understood what their problem was, then I called them and I said , "What is the trouble" is one of them, a woman who had tears in her eyes, said, "I came here with so much confidence and being cheated here, there is no hospital." Nothing here at all, and you are speaking that there is a hospital. I said, "Sit back. There are ideas about your hospital – many beds where patients are bedridden and keep giving them medicines – this is not the case. I turn you around – all the patients here are working in the garden, and working in the kitchen. We get them to work, and they are fine.(Natural Health tips)
So, the most important thing is that if someone is sick, we get them to work in the garden. They must be exposed to the earth with empty hands for at least half an hour to 45 minutes. By doing so, they become healthy. Because what you call a body is just a piece of this earth, isn't it? Yes or no? Where did all the countless people who walked on this earth go? All are on the top surface of the earth, right? The body will also move to the surface of the earth – unless your friends – fearing that you wake up again – don't bury you too deep. So, it's just a piece of earth. So it will be in its best form when you have a little contact with the earth(Natural Health tips). At the moment, you walk on the fiftieth floor wearing suits and boots at all times, and never get in touch with the earth. It is natural for you to be physically and mentally ill. Then I showed them: "Look, this person has heart disease, that person has that disease." I introduced them to all the patients and then the patients started telling them – "Three weeks ago we were like that, and now we feel great, we have forgotten our illness. And now all the medical parameters are also saying that they are okay. We had to work hard to convince the American doctor that these people were really patients. We are also putting them in good work.(Natural Health tips)

5. Place the back straight and sit down - (Natural Health tips)

Being in the rest of the internal organs of the body is of special importance. There are many aspects to it. At the moment, we are considering only one aspect of it. Most important internal organs of the body are in the chest and abdomen. All these organs are neither hard or hard nor fixed at any one place with nuts or bolts. All these organs are loose and swinging inside a net. These organs can get the most rest only if you have a habit of sitting by keeping your spine straight.
Keep the back straight
According to modern ideas, rest means sitting back or down. But sitting like this can never relax the body parts.
In this situation, the physical organs are not able to function as well as they should - especially when you sit on a chair after eating enough food. Nowadays a lot of trips take place in a comfortable chair. If you travel a thousand kilometres in the comfortable seat of the car, you lose at least three to five months of your life. This is because constant sitting in such a posture affects your organs so badly that their working power is dramatically reduced or then they become very weak. (Natural Health tips)
Keeping the body straight is not at all that we don't like comfort, but because we understand and feel comfortable in a totally different way. You can make it a habit to relax your muscles while keeping your spine straight. But on the contrary, when your muscles are tilted, you cannot rest your limbs. There is no other way of relaxing. It is, therefore, important that we prepare our body in such a way that our body structure and nervous system remain relaxed while keeping the spine straight.(Natural Health tips)

* After coming home from outside, wash the hands thoroughly with soap after putting an external object out of hand, before cooking, before eating, after eating and using the bathroom. If you have a small child in your home, it becomes even more necessary. Wash your hands thoroughly before putting your hands on it. (Natural Health tips)

* Pay special attention to home cleaning, especially in kitchens and toilets. Do not let the water accumulate anywhere. Regularly clean and use phenyl, floor cleaners, etc. in places like sinks, wash basins, etc. Do not leave anything open for food. Keep raw and cooked food separately. Also keep the utensils, refrigerators, ovens, etc. used for cooking and cooking. Never place wet utensils in a rack, or keep lids without dry cartons etc.
(Natural Health tips)

* Use fresh vegetables and fruits. Store the spices, cereals and other ingredients used properly and make sure to check the date on the items with expiry date. 
(Natural Health tips)

* Do not use too much oil, spices, backed and rich food. Cook the food at the right temperature and do not destroy the nutrients of vegetables etc. by over-cooked. Also, keep the temperature in mind when using the oven. Always cover foods and eat fresh food.(Natural Health tips)

* Use salads, yoghurt, milk, oatmeal, green vegetables, whole dal-grains, etc. Try to add 'variety of food' to your plate. Use clean water for cooking and drinking. Wash and use vegetables and fruits thoroughly. (Natural Health tips)

* Prioritize the use of unsaturated vegetable oil (e.g. soybean, sunflower, maize or olive oil) for cooking. Minimize the use of both sugar and salt in food. Do not use junk food, soft drinks and juices made of artificial sugar. Try to have dinner till 8 o'clock and it should be light.
(Natural Health tips)

* Keep your resting room clean, airy and open. Keep changing the sheets, pillows and curtains, and also blow slight the mattresses or mattresses from time to time. (Natural Health tips)

* Use meditation, yoga or meditation to increase concentration and to avoid stress.(Natural Health tips)

* Do one exercise every day. Give at least half an hour a day and keep on changing the methods of exercise, like doing aerobics, and just go fast. If you are unable to find time for anything, aim to climb the stairs of the office or home and walk fast. Try not to stay in the same position for too long in the office. (Natural Health tips)

* Get your routine checkup done after the age of 45 and if the doctor gives you a medicine, take it regularly. Take the time to stay close to nature. Play with kids, run with your pet and also take time to have light entertainment with your family.(Natural Health tips)

* Drink lukewarm water after getting up in the morning , drinking lukewarm water will clear your stomach and not make fat bigger .(Natural Health tips)

* Include sprouted items in the morning snack, milk, milk, dahi, poha, fresh fruits, etc.(Natural Health tips)

* Do lunch time , eat the curd .

* Eat dinner 1 hour before bedtime , avoid spicy spicy jada chillies .

* Drink enough plain water after 30 minutes of eating.

* Give importance to vegetarian food , such as sprouts , mixed dal , green vegetables , milk , dahi , etc .

* After eating , take a walk for 15 to 20 minutes.

* Make it a habit to walk in the fresh air every morning , which will fill your whole day with energy .

* Give up the habit of eating again and again .

* Avoid taking any stress, if any tension is in the mind, try to get out of it quickly.

* Make it a habit of taking a deep mother - in - law .

* Avoid getting angry at the smallest thing , so you'll avoid the problems of the B.P .

* Sit down with your family and talk to each other .

* Go out with family or friends whenever there is a chance.

* It is only then that you have a good day and will be able to complete the work easily...
(Natural Health tips)
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