15+ Effective Home Remedies For Body Pain | Pain killer | Daily health tips

15+ Effective Home Remedies For Body Pain | Pain killer | Daily health tips

17+ Effective Home Remedies For Body Pain | Pain killer | Daily health tips

Your kitchen is no less than a natural peniciller treasure to get instant relief from pain, let's learn how.
Or it becomes difficult to do any work if you have trouble with toothache. Most of us women ate the penkillers without any thought to relieve the pain. But do you know that eating a killer without asking a doctor to relieve the pain can be dangerous for your health? These medicines are very high in sodium, which is not the case. But if you want, you can control your pen even without medicine. Yes, there are many things in your kitchen that you can use without a side effect to touch your pen. Let us find out about the best 10 Natural Peniciller in your kitchen. Your kitchen is no less than a natural penkiller treasure for instant relief from that pain.


The selenium-like elements present in garlic provide relief in earpain. In Ayurveda, it is advisable to boil garlic with oil and apply it on ears. It also immediately relaxes the pen swells due to ear ripening or swelling. You can use one or two buds of garlic daily to avoid any pain, especially stomach pain and joint pain.


If you complain of abdominal pain or if you have a toancies due to cold, thyme will be beneficial for you. In case of pain, add black salt to the thyme and take it with water. You will get relief from pain.


Asae is painkiller and bile-killer. Asae intake is beneficial in chest and abdominal pain. When young children have abdominal pain, cooking asahee in water and coating it around the navel of the child helps to relieve pain.
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Salt is a thing of great use for quick rest from sore throat or pain. Rinse by adding salt to warm water can help to relieve sore throat and relieve infection. In addition, taking a bath by adding salt to the water can relieve the fatigue of the body. In addition, putting your feet in salt water relieves pain in the feet and reduces inflammation.

17+ Effective Home Remedies For Body Pain | Pain killer | Daily health tips


The eugenol, an element called eugenol, acts as a natural peniciller, which is why dentists recommend applying clove oil to toothache.

mint plant

Peppermint is very beneficial for relaxing body pain and cramps. By adding a few drops of peppermint oil to warm water, the tightness of the body is opened and the pain is immediately relaxed. Also in toothache, headaches you can use it. It also helps in eliminating digestive problems. It also calms the brain.


Drinking a pinch of soda in cup water in case of abdominal pain can relieve stomach pain. A pinch of soda, half a teaspoon of roasted and ground cumin, 8 drops of lemon juice and salt to taste in water can help relieve acidity.


From antiseptic on injury to turmeric to relieve joint pain. Turmeric not only removes the pen but also reduces inflammation. It is very beneficial, especially in the pain of arthritis. The element called kurcumin is a natural peniciller. I also drink light milk every day to avoid my joint pain.


Joints have the power to relax pain. You can also use it to relieve pain during periods. You can eat ginger tea or a small piece of ginger to avoid pain.
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the plant fenugreek

A teaspoon of fenugreek grain with a pinch of powdered asafoetus and cleft with water can relieve abdominal pain. Fenugreek is also beneficial in diabetes. Eating fenugreek laddu benefits the pain of the joints. You can soak the fenugreek every day to relieve pain and drink it and chew the fenugreek.


If you are suffering from joint pain, you need cinnamon to get relief. This natural remedy is often used for arthritis due to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Lightly heated water combines cinnamon powder and a little honey to make a light hand massage on the body's pained organ. Or, adding one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a mild hot water also helps to relieve joint pain.

17+ Effective Home Remedies For Body Pain | Pain killer | Daily health tips

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are suffering from muscle pain, you should use apple cider vinegar. It is known to give the body a suding effect. In case of pain, add two cups of apple cider vinegar to a warm water tub. Then place the pain part in the mixture for a while and you will feel that the pain is gradually receding.


Red pepper is a great way to relieve muscle pain due to anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Also it helps in reducing inflammation and stiffness. Scientific research on red chillies has shown that there are elements that are beneficial for the prevention of pain in the body. Heat the coconut oil lightly for one and a half cup and add 2 teaspoons of chilli powder. Apply this mixture to a painful place. Wash it off after 20 minutes. Do this twice a day.


Cheries give your body potassium and magnesium, it helps to keep away problems like joint pain and arthritis. Potassium works as a natural painkiller to relieve inflammation and magnesium. In addition, cherries contain an antioxidant called anthokines that reduce irritation. Drink cherry juice to reduce pain and burning. Or eat 8 to 10 cherries regularly to keep the body pen away. This relieves pain in the muscles of the legs and hands.

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