Diet chart for your daily body fitness| Diet chart| Daily health tips

Diet chart for your daily body fitness

There is a weakness and fatigue due to lack of proper eating habits in this race-filled life.  Everybody wants them to plan their daily routines according to their daily routine, but they can not do it without getting the right guide.  Now you are free from this tension because we are telling you such a diet plan that you can keep yourself fit.
Diet chart for your daily body fitness| Diet chart| Daily health tips

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  • Morning Diet for your daily body fitness - avoid starting early in the morning.  Although many people eat heavy and bottom alley from the morning, which is not right.  After getting up in the morning, take a glass of milk that is not creamy.  Apart from this, 3-4 almonds can also be eaten with milk.  Try not to eat empty stomach fruit early in the morning.  Otherwise you can get sour dirt all day.  So try to drink empty stomach 2 glasses of water.

  • At 9am - this time is breakfast, most people start their work at this time.  Breakfast can be germinated sprouts or a plate mix or vegetable equivalent.  With this green tea or a glass juice will also be beneficial.

  • It's your lunch for your daily body fitness - it's lunch time at 12 o'clock.  Can eat food at this time.  In the plate, two roti with bran, one bowl of peeled pulse, half a bowl of rice, a bowl of green vegetable, a bowl of curd, salad and a plate can be included.  At the same time, there is a lot of nutrition that keeps the body healthy.  After 10-15 minutes of eating, you can drink plenty of water

  • Eat lightly between 3-4 a.m. for healthy diet - Light snacks should be done for about three hours after lunch.  One plate of tea with tea or two biscuits, any seasonal fruits (save, orange, raw jam, pomegranate, palm, etc.).  Taking cucumber, cucumber, watermelon in the heat will be more beneficial.  These things will be helpful in keeping the body hydrated.  You can also take a glass of juice in the summer

  • Dinner at night for your daily body fitness - dinner can be eaten in the afternoon.  Do not include rice in excess quantity at dinner.  There will be lentils, two chapati, light rice, a cup of curd and a plate salad.  Dinner will be more beneficial for about three hours before sleeping.  With this food gets digested well and there is no constipation and acidity

  • Just before bedtime - About one hour after dinner, take a glass of fruit or milk and take half a glass of juice.
It's a matter of making a diet chart, but it is also important to follow it.  Regularly follow the diet chart.  Drink more and more water.  Do not forget to take a morning walk and exercise.

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